What is a budget and financial plan?

    Each year the District develops an annual budget outlining how tax dollars are spent and which services are provided to our residents and community. We include a five-year balanced financial plan to guide our strategic investments and departmental service plans.

    What's the different between an operating budget and a capital budget?

    The operating budget outlines how property taxes and user fees are used to deliver services to our residents and the community. The capital budget outlines how reserve funds are used to replace existing assets and improve amenities such as parks and trails, roads, underground utilities, municipal buildings and transportation networks. 

    Each year the District develops both a five-year operating budget and a five-year capital plan.

    What is the tax rate?

    The tax rate is the amount of property tax payable per $1,000 of assessed value of a property. The tax rate is for municipal taxes only and is set by Council during budget deliberations for each property class.

    What is the percentage increase in taxes?

    The percentage increase in property taxes paid from one year to the next is set by Council and applies to the average residential property owner. The percentage increase in taxes is for municipal taxes only and does not reflect any increase as a result of other government taxes such as school taxes.

    What is the infrastructure replacement gap?

    The infrastructure replacementgap is the difference between the investment needed to replace existing infrastructure and the funding available to address that need.