How does this project align with the Districts plans and policies?

    In May 2021, the District of North Saanich adopted its Active Transportation Plan to identify a process to make it easier and safer for people to walk and cycle in North Saanich. The Active Transportation Plan identified improvements to West Saanich Road in 2035 to include infrastructure that will accommodate cyclists and pedestrians through facilities that protect people walking and cycling, reducing vehicle travel lanes and improving intersection safety and cross walks.

    When will these proposed changes be implemented?

    Short-term improvements are anticipated to be constructed in Fall 2023. Full corridor improvements per the Active Transportation Plan are slated for the next 10-20 years.

    How have the proposed improvements been informed?

    Proposed treatments along the corridor have been recommended through a technical engineering review to ensure changes reflect design standards and prioritize road safety by improving sightlines for vehicles, formalizing parking spaces and accommodating pedestrians through crosswalk and walkway improvements.

    Key stakeholders including the owners of the Deep Cove Market and administration at Deep Cove Elementary have also been consulted as part of this process.

    Why are you changing the parking configuration at the Deep Cove Market?

    Through a technical analysis of current parking conditions at the Market, it was discovered that the current parking configuration, along its West Saanich Road frontage, poses road safety concerns due to limited sightlines for vehicles backing out of the parking stall. Converting the parking stalls to parallel parking significantly improves sightlines for oncoming vehicles, as well as vehicles making a left-hand turn from Birch Road. 

    Additional parking stalls on Birch Road are being implemented as part of the short-term improvements in order to compensate for the loss of stalls on West Saanich Road.